This post is intended for SEO’s or website owners:

If you are an SEO or are just a DIY type of person that is in charge of your website, then you already know that adding a geographically relevant link to your website is one of the best things you can do to get yourself ranked on Google.

Simply put, by signing up for a listing through Delray Beach Business Directory, you not only get yourself a link to your website but a full SEO citation as well! If you take the time to optimize your listing, fill out the description and title, pick the right category, and add images your odds increase even more!

A few more tips on directory listings:

Don’t automate the process – you can spend a few dollars and buy hundreds of directory listings, but Google doesn’t like that. Take the time to sign up one at a time, and only pick the good ones.

Extra points for geographically relevant links – our directory is catered towards Delray Beach businesses, so if your company is in Delray, you’ll get extra “SEO points” for signing up with us.

Use lots of detail – the more the better. Write a unique description, and use unique photos.

In the end, getting a listing from our website probably won’t get you ranked #1 on Google, but it will definitely help you get 1 step closer!